Local Government

GlassProtech surface film uses the latest cutting-edge nano and graphene technology designed to reduce energy consumption and is a cost effective solution to maintenance.

Our range of creative surface film can include government logos and printed information to help keep the public up to date with the latest council news.

GlassProtech’s protective and anti-graffiti film ensures clear signage to the public in retail settings and local government areas. This includes protection of elevators/lifts and other expensive stainless steel panels, reducing damage caused by intentional or accidental vandalism and etching commonly seen in public spaces.

Our films provide:

  • protection to the immediate glass asset (signage) within the lift from paint, pen, corrosive solvents or etching
  • protection to the stainless steel panels within the lift from paint, pen, corrosive solvents or etching
  • unimpaired visibility with clear graphic imagery and text content of the signage
  • a reduced risk of injury from breaking glass signage
  • reduced maintenance cost of glass pane replacement
  • reduced maintenance cost of stainless steel repair/replacement/refurbishment
  • improved ambience and environment within the elevator/lift

Glass Protech are proud members of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand.