Serious about
Surface Protection

GlassProtech are professional applicators of window film and other surface protection mediums.

At GlassProtech, our primary aim is to assist and negate damages to assets, and dangers to people and the environment, through our state-of-the-art window film solutions.

Our range of window films


Anti-graffiti films

Protects all non-porous surfaces from scratch graffiti and vandalism.
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Security films

Our security films provide added protection against theft and injury.
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Energy saving films

We have a range of cutting-edge films, using the latest nano technology.
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Decorative films

Our huge range offers designers imaginative ways of creating fabulous spaces.

By Industry

Public Transport

We work extensively with public transport operators to provide cost effective solutions to their problems.

Local Government

Using the latest cutting-edge nano & graphene technology designed to reduce energy consumption.

Retail & Commerical

Whether your business is in hospitality, architecture, education or real estate, we have you covered.


Our safety films increase the break strength of glass, reducing the risk of breakage.

Glass Protech are proud members of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand.